Age of Enlightenment and Latin American Revolutions Essay

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Democratic Revolutions Study Guide

1. What is the Magna Carta? It kept king john from punishing freedom through the law of the land.

2. What caused the English Civil War? What is the English Civil War?
Well, Charles 1st was keeping all the power and not letting the church have any control. The English civil war was against Charles followers and Oliver’s followers.

3. What is the Glorious Revolution?
The deposition of James the 2nd

4. What is the significance of the English Bill of Rights?
Limit the power of the king, while giving more to the parliament.

5.What is the difference between an absolute monarchy and a constitutional monarchy?
Absolute monarchy is when there is 1 big ruler, and constitional monarchy is when there is 1 person that has all the power between 1 constitution.

5. What is mercantilism? What is an example of mercantilism?
Mercantilism is maintaining balance in trade. An example of this is American countries trading with European countries.

6. Define the Enlightenment.
Enlightenment is challenging traditions.

7. What are the ideas of Locke, Voltaire, Montesquieu, Rousseau? Who did they influence?
The ideas of all these people are, Locke overthrow the government, Voltaire wrote amount the freedoms, Montesquieu was the separation of powers and Rousseau wrote the social contract.

8. What is a social contract (the idea)? That the society must give up some of there freedoms.

9. Who influenced the American Revolution? John locke

10. What is the significance of the Declaration of Independence? Who wrote it? Thomas Jefferson wrote it and it declared the us from England.

11. What & Who influenced the French Revolution? The American revolution and locke

12. What caused the French Revolution? (Politically, Socially and economically?)

Taxing and the 3nd estate 13. What are the Three Estates?
1st ans 2nd were the ones with more money and they did have to pay taxs
3Nd was the poor that paid taxes 14. Why was the Estates General (legislative body) called to meet in 1789?
Financial problems

15. What happened at the: (and know the correct order) a. Creation of the Directory-5 dictator that held power in France b. Execution of the King-louise the 16th was executed c. Meeting of the Estates General-talked about the money problems of the esate d. Reign of Terror-when robespirre klled more then 40,oo people e. Rise of Napoleon-took over most of europe f. Storming of the Bastille-people stormed in the jail g. Tennis Court Oath-the 3nd esate generals would not leave the tennis court

16. Which event is the symbol or spark of the French Revolution?
The storming of the bastille

17. What is the