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Animal Farm Essay
George Orwell's book Animal Farm shows a reenactment of the Russian Revolution, with farm animals and communism renamed "Animalism." True to the historical story, the noble players manipulate the other animals, tricking them with illusions of dignity and improved living conditions, while they are actually making themselves the leaders of the farm.
Napoleon and Snowball represent Stalin and Lenin. After a speech from Old Major the animals start a Revolution on Manor Farm. They take over the owner Mr. Jones who represents the Tsar. The animals set up a list of commandments, with the general rule of "All animals are equal." At first, all animals are equal, but soon the different varieties and types of animals become unequal, and the commandment changed to "All animals are equal but some are more equal than others." The book describes the changes that can happen in a society due to the fraud of power when everybody should be equal. These pigs lead the Revolution from the start. Snowball takes advantage at first, and leads the animals with dedication and great plans. Napoleon stays a bit in the back, and at the end he show the real him.
Snowball unlike Napoleon had interest in the whole animal farm. He had taken over the ideas of Old Major and wants to improve the ways of the animals. His role on the farm is based on Leon Trotsky in the early years of the Russian Revolution. He believed in a free world for animals with even rights and tried to bring back revolutions on other farms in England. He also wrote the first Seven Commandments, which were later changed by Napoleon. Snowball had good commitments and had very smart plans. One of his plans is to build a windmill to increase production. He and Napoleon were opponents from the very start, which is clear due to the fact that they always disagree on each other’s plans. Snowball was kicked off the farm and exiled by Napoleon. He makes the animals believe that Snowball is a comrade of Man, their worst enemy. He is not seen again, and is unknown if he is alive or dead.
Napoleon symbolizes Stalin