Biopsychosocial Assessment Essay

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Biopsychosocial Report (Ordinary People)
Client Identification Information
Client’s name: Conrad Jarrett
Client’s age: teenage, in high school
Client’s parents: Calvin Jarrett (the father), Tax attorney. Beth Jarrett (the mother), Homemaker

Description of Systems person system.
Conrad is a tall and thin white boy under 18 years old. He has big brown eyes like his father, but his hair is very short as it has been cut when he was in the hospital and now is growing out again. He speaks slowly and in a low voice which seems that he wants to control his emotion. He is healthy, but looks like losing his appetite hence a little weak.

family/household/primary social system.
Conrad’s family consists of his father Calvin,
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The situation is getting worse; as a result, they even cannot have a normal daily conversation. Finally they get several fights. When Conrad said she never went to see him, and if he was Buck, she definitely would pay the visit, she said Buck would never go to this kind of hospital, which hurt Conrad deeply. Besides, when they were taking family photos, Calvin wanted to take a picture for Beth and Conrad, but Beth was very unhappy with that and continually tried to avoid this photo shooting. At last Conrad was pissed off yelling “Give her the Goddamn camera”. Even though Conrad wants to make some efforts to fix their relationship, it seems that Beth is not planning to accept the court.

The pattern that we see is a complimentary role of tough-mother/tender-father. Within this family structure, the father plays more of the traditional gender roles assigned to an "expressive" role, expected of a caring mother, such as providing emotional support and tender care. The mother in this family makes most of the decisions, such as trips for herself and her husband, checking bills after returning from a trip, buying the shirts her teenage son should wear, and even what shoes her husband should wear during their son's funeral. Her need for so much power and control, for so much structure, leads to a great deal of tension within the family. She does not like change very much either. Overall, this family structural system is