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Senaqu Thomas 09/30/10
Cather Rm 108 : Get Ready For Gabi:
By:Marisa Montes/Joe Cepeda

Genre:The genre is realistic fiction. I know its realistic fiction, because in all the events Gabi did stuff that you could do in real life.
Setting: The story took place at Gabi’s school, playground, house, bedroom, and in the bathroom were all the settings in the story.
Main Character: The main character was Gabi.The main character was Gabi,because she was in most of all the important events of the story.
Beginning: In the beginning of the story it was crazy hair day. Everybody got to wear their hair in a crazy way.Mr.Fine asked Gabi was she having boot trouble?He said if he says it again he would take them until the end of the day.Mr.Fine had decided that for this month’s project they would split up into groups of three.
Middle: In the middle of the story Gabi and Jasmine raised their hand really quick.MrFine had told them that he had already decided who was going to be with who.Gabi’s group was her, Johnny,and Sissy.Gabi said she had a bad feeling about this. She said she had the fly behind her ear.Everybody started to laugh.Johnny made fun of Gabi,before you knew it Gabi marched toward him.Before she could go two steps toward him Mr.Fine blocked her and pointed her toward her seat.When it was time for recess they played follow the leader. It was Devin turn to be the leader.Everything Devin did Gabi did the