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Danielle Pd:7 March 22nd, 2014
English 11R Mr. Mott

Damage is an inspiring and adventurous book written by Anya Parrish. It tells a story about a girl named Dani and a boy named Jesse. When they meet they realize they have a lot more in common than they think they would. They were both part of this research called the “Dream Project” and their vision was to make their next-generation invulnerable. The leader of this program was Dani’s father however something went horribly wrong and the kids who took part of this started seeing these creatures of their imaginations and dreams and believed that they were real. Each person had their own creature that they could only see but their actions happen in the real world and whatever they do happens in reality. Dani was very sick when she was young and her dad wanted a cure for her but the medicine he had created needed to be tested on someone first; so this is where Jesse comes in. Jesse was an abandoned child and nobody cared for him as much so they used him as their test subject. Now Dani 15, and Jesse 17, haven’t seen these creatures since they were both young but they went on a school trip and their bus crashed and that somehow. Now the creatures after them are twice as stronger than ever before and are looking to kill Dani and Jesse in real life instead of their dreams. But they aren’t the only ones who have gotten stronger Dani and Jesse are now healing super quick and…