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Communication is an effective tool to use in all aspects of life. Communication in the workplace can be very challenging to individuals from various ethnic backgrounds. The challenges can be various in communications that can affect the way a business operates, the mission, and goals. It is imperative to identify the various barriers through communication.

Some barriers that affect an organization are poor structure in communication, weak delivery of the message. Using the incorrect medium can deliver the communication in giving mixed messages. One way to overcome these barriers is by training.

BARRIERS OF BUSINESS COMMUNICATION Communication is defined as the exchanging of thoughts, views or information by verbal and nonverbal, such as body and sign language. Communication is something transferred or transmitted. Communication is something we need and have in everyday life. It is something we learn as starting young and gets better as we get older. Of course communication does have its effects especially in business. Some effectiveness of communication takes part in business. Business communication is important and can be very critical. Business communication contains persistent movement of information. In most organizations it is always difficult to manage communication because of the number of employees in that organization. Communication should be equal between both supervisors and subordinates. Every organization should have great business communication goals. Great communication is a foundation of an organization. Communication is done both orally and written. Oral communication can be verbal and nonverbal. While written is agendas, memos, reports and etc. The most effective way of communication is orally. Now that technology is changing, most written communication is done faster via cell phones, emails, tablets, etc. These can lead barriers within an organization. To obtain goals, an organization must overcome any barriers and find ways to improve these barriers.
The communication topic I will be discussing is how barriers to effective business communication and ways to overcome these barriers. The reason I am interested in this topic is because the agency I am employed at have barriers that effect our communication on a daily basis. Our agency needs ways on how to improve this matter. Some barriers that affect our agency are poor structure to the communication, weak delivery of the message, using the

BARRIERS OF BUSINESS COMMUNICATION incorrect medium to deliver the communication and giving mixed messages. The most important way to overcome barriers in communication is training.
Barriers of communication are the elements that obstruct the free flow from the sender to the receiver (Shukla 2010). Barriers of communication occur if the message that is to be conveyed to the recipient is not received properly, or misunderstood. This line of communication can affect a company negatively. Barriers in communication can be many factors. One barrier of communication that affects the agency I am employed with is poor communication. As more people from different ethnic backgrounds are working together, companies are becoming diverse. This is the reason communication in the workplace is very important. An organization needs to have good leadership. A manager with good leadership will keep the line of communication open on a daily basis, with other employees, customers and vendors. But in this line of communication this can also lead to poor communication. This can have a company struggling to meet their goal and mission. Poor communication can lead to unclear goals and duties. If an employee is uncertain or confused about the responsibilities to perform his or her job, they should seek advice from the supervisor of the department or company. For the employer I work for communication is clear in reference to job duties