Business Communication Trends Essay

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Business Communication Trends In business today we utilize many different forms of communication. We still use the face-to-face communications but we have also adopted the use of modern technology to communicate. These forms of communication can include cell phones, computers, and video conferencing for starters. All of the above have helped to make mobile business communications simple. These types of modern communications have helped to shape the way I communicate every day. In my current position in the casino industry, I use the internet every day to see what the competition is doing. This makes it easy to see their daily, weekly, and monthly promotions that they have. I also utilize the internet for my communications to vendors in the form of emails. This electronic mail is done in real time and with the use of smart phones; we can receive them on the cell phone wherever we are. This keeps the mobile office setting intact and on key at all times. When it comes down to talking to my co-workers I will send emails but I still prefer to communicate in person. This keeps the eye contact and also helps to get the team effort going on projects. The reason I prefer person-to-person over some technology is because there are times that we can get lazy and start to use the text slang that has been in use since texting started. I do not feel this is a proper way to communicate and in person I will never say “LOL”. The use of some of the trends has made my everyday business activities on target. I use my cell phone for the calendar that is built-in. This calendar can give me reminders of meetings and other appointments. I can also send and receive emails that are sent to my company email account on the phone. This makes my mobile office efficient. The use of proper language is very important to me as I have already stated. This is the way that I talk in person so it is also the way I speak in my texts. I expect the same when I receive a text from my co-workers as well as from vendors. This expectation has led me to install a thesaurus on my smartphone so I can check what I have written before I send it off. This helps to keep the communication clear and my point to