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The war on heroin has again resurfaced in the media and the Melbourne city council is considering new measures to combat growing concerns of widespread drug use and an increase in blood borne diseases among addicts. The government is cooking at implanting syringe vending machines in Melbourne’s drug hot spots to prevent users sharing needles.
Syringe vending machines, also known as syringe dispensing machines, are self-contained unit’s that hold and supply sterile injecting equipment.
Syringe vending machines are a key part of the public health response to reducing blood borne virus transmission associated with injecting drug use.
Syringe vending machines have been installed in 84 locations in New South Wales, since first being trialled in 1992.they have now been introduced in Queensland, the ACT, Western Australia and Tasmania. They are also used in New Zealand and a number of European countries.
How do syringe vending machines work?
International there is a number of different models of syringe vending machines. Some operate at no cost or operate with tokens. Some charge minimal amount and others provide equipment exchange for used equipment or have the capacity to accept disposals.
Negatives; no increase in unsafe disposal, no reported incidents or formal complaints during the trial from emergency department staff police community or other stakeholders. Limit and being in overage none of which was response to community concerns or incidents. No reduction in access