Changes In The Diary Of Anne Frank

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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live in condensed area with people you don't get along with, when even the smallest news can change how you react to things. Anne Frank experienced this which was challenging to her, she was living with people she didn't get along with, hiding from the world, when little pieces of news was heard she changed how she normally reacts including others in hiding. When anne was in hiding she experienced changes in her mood and changed between her and others. In the Diary of Anne Frank Act 1, and Act 2, the historical events changed the mood of characters and the relationships between characters. News about what is happening to the jews changes moods in characters who are hiding. “Right here in Amsterdam every day hundreds of jews are being disappear… They surround a block and search house by house.”( Frances, page 130 ).This affects the mood in the characters when they heard this news their emotions changed from being whatever they were to sad, and afraid. ”Oh no not Jopie! She turns away in tears, Mrs Frank motions to Margot to comfort her.”( Hackett page 130 ). This clearly shows that when Anne heard this news from Dussel her mood changed from …show more content…
“The radio… The BBC! They said they landed on the coast of Normandy! The British? British, Americans, French, Dutch, Poles, Norwegians… All of them! More than four thousand ships!”( Albert page 180 ). This impacts the relationships between the characters because when they heard the good news they all turned happy and ashamed of themselves, they forgive each other. “ Look at the way I’ve treated Mother… so mean and horrid to her. No Anneke , no.”( Goodrich page 181 ). This clearly shows that this news changed Mrs Frank from being angry to forgiving, and Anne from sad and angry to actually apologizing, which she rarely does. These characters all experienced changes in mood and