Classroom Observation Paper

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“What is Kindergarten”, that was my original research question and that is true fully how I felt about the subculture of kindergarten. Going into it, I knew nothing and only one person even involved in the subculture so I thought to myself I can only increase my knowledge of this culture. Throughout my field study and hearing from numerous members of the subculture, I went from an outsider to feeling as if I had been in the subculture for the entirety of my life, it was a fantastic and humbling experience. The main point of my research throughout all the observations and interviews is that Kindergarten is no joke.
My first day in the Kindergarten subculture was February 23 at Emery O. Muncie elementary school in Southern Indiana.
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Muncie elementary school inside her Kindergarten classroom. Julie, who is also my mother has a lot of experience teaching Kindergarten over 20 years’ experience and loves to work with kids. She is a very talented and very determined individual who never takes “no” for an answer. While conducting my observation with her classroom, I could see that the students respected her, and they seemed to be enjoying their time there, but when it came time to learn, they were ready and attentive. Once the day was over and the kids were gone, we sat down for an interview. I asked five different questions, some regarding her background and motivation to become a teacher. My questions …show more content…
I was a babysitter during weekends and school breaks for several children that I set up a "classroom" with activities and fun. I loved my kindergarten experience during student teaching and that is why I love kindergarten. (Kiefer)
Throughout our interview, I could tell how passionate she was in bettering each one of her students every day. Some of her students are about to turn 30 years old and many of them have kids or are successful at whatever they do today, and she loves to see that. She also told us how she has always wanted to be a teacher from an early age and that kind of surprised me, but she always has had the ability to succeed at whatever she has put her mind