Classroom Observation Paper

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Classroom Teacher: Mrs. Thurber Classroom Paraprofessional: Mrs. Bradly
This preschool classroom consisted of mostly general education students with five students that have an IEP. This is considered an inclusion classroom since it has a mix of general education and special education students. A few of the students are on the autism spectrum, both higher and lower functioning. During our time in this classroom, we observed the students participating in morning circle time and also in self-chosen centers. The following client factors, performance skills, and areas of occupation listed are for the students in the class that have an IEP.

Student Skills
The majority of the students in this classroom will have the ability to participate in all games and activities provided at the carnival without a significant amount of difficulty. Some activities may require adaptation for those students who present with more profound autism. There are no students with a physical limitation that
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• Emotional: Student(s) exhibits impulsive behaviors while participating in play.
• Touch functions: There may be sensory implications with these particular students involving increased or decreased sensitivity to textures, sounds, and smells.
• Temperament and personality: Some students may be overly intro- or extroverted, may not be agreeable to participate in the activity, and may not be open to experience new things and may have difficulty with self-control.
• Proprioceptive functions: Student(s) may not understand the idea of personal space, or where they are in relation to the people around them.

Performance Skill Issues
• Places self: Student(s) tends to be unaware of personal space of the others around them.
• Pace: Student(s) demonstrates impulsive behavior during play.
• Speaks fluently: Student(s) does not produce clear