Comm/215 Case Study Essay

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Case Study Analysis
Amanda Lee
February 25, 2013

Case Study Analysis

Carl Robins is faced with very serious problems as the new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc. This case study analysis will show the many problems that evolved when he attempted to recruit new employees to work for Monica Carroll. After reviewing the issues at hand, we will discuss the possible solutions available for Carl to rectify the situation and the proposed solution that he should take. Carl Robins is a competent employee of ABC, Inc. As with any new position a person is involved in, he will face challenges. However, it is not impossible to overcome these challenges.

In early April, Carl recruited fifteen new hires to work for
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If this solution does not work, he could mail the applications to the new hires, have them complete the paperwork, and then mail or fax it back to him. To correct the issue of the missing transcripts, Carl can contact the new employees and ask each of them to bring copies with them when they report to orientation.
After dealing with the issue of the incomplete applications and missing transcripts, Carl still has to deal with the next problem. None of the new employees have been to the drug testing clinic for their mandatory drug screens. This problem can be fixed with minimal effort on Carl’s part. All he would have to do is call the new hires, let them know where the clinic is located, and give them a date for their drug screen to be completed. Once he has spoken with each new hire, this problem will be solved and Carl can focus on the next issue with the new employee orientation.
The next difficulty that Carl faces is the problem with the orientation manuals. Carl only has three copies of the manual, which are each missing pages, and he has fifteen new employees that need their own copy. It will take some effort on Carl’s part to rectify this problem, but there is a solution. Carl should take one of the copies of the manual that he already has and find out what pages are missing from it. Then, once he knows what pages he needs, he should get those pages from the other two manuals and add them to the first copy. This will make a