Criminology and Immigrants Essay

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Focusing on the “Prostitution Amongst Immigration Routes” is a very touchy subject that one can believe to be very disturbing in the fight for survival. There are 50% of women who make up the immigrant population. In 2005, 460 immigrants, women and men died crossing the Sanora desert for freedom. Crossing the border is very important to these female women as well as men. The fight for survival is very strenuous in which women feel the need to sell their bodies to survive. While they work the nightclubs and brothels along the way to freedom, they face many dangers such as diseases, fights, and murders. Women seek freedom to escape poverty in search of a better life. The struggle is so important to them that they do not care of the dangers they may face even though they are told about the consequences. “The Sanora and Arizona desert is the route many immigrants took until they started to take Altar as another route in which they thought was better” (University of Phoenix, 2013). Even with this new route, they did not know the dangers they faced such as no water, extremely hot temperatures such as 104 degree weather. In the winter the temperature was below zero. Many immigrants died in the route searching for freedom. At Mexican borders, immigrants are even counseled on the dangers of the desert but immigrants do not care, they want to survive and live a normal life.
How does the video you selected support Social Theory?
I selected this particular video that supports social theory because it is a major problem in the United States. With the social structure theory, criminologists believe the reason people commit crimes is because they are subject to crime by their tough lifestyles. Criminologists believe it supports the hypothesis, meaning crime rates may vary on based on social structure. This also supports the social theory of society influences changes the way people think and is the reason why people commit crimes in the first place. If someone grew up in a catholic household most likely they are going to be humble and raise their kids to be catholic or in a humble way as to if someone gambled or lives in chaos most likely they are going to raise their kids in a violent way. People are subject to adapt to the way of life their parents or legal guardians. If kids are subject to seeing their parents arrested or committing crimes he she will do the same thing according to society. Living these types of lifestyles, or people who are challenged to socioeconomic backgrounds is more likely to commit crimes because they are trying to obtain food for their families or money to survive. The social theory also suggests that these individuals lack educations or the resources to survive to prevent them from committing crimes.
What is the primary subject or content of the video? The primary subject or content of this video is prostitution among immigration routes. It discusses the hardships immigrants endure to live a better lifestyle. It also shows how dangerous these routes can be to anyone who travels through them. Many do not make it across alive with the extensive heat. Many other dangers await them while they try to make a better lifestyle for themselves. Women think this is the only way they can have a better life so they think this is acceptable. The content of this video also shows how important it is to these women to get to a positive lifestyle. Many people do not know their struggle to make it to live better for their children. That is why we face debates on immigration right now in politics.
What social issues are raised in the video?
The social issues in this video