Diversity Reflection

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When I walked into class on the first day I was not sure what to expect. I was excited about a class were diversity and the issues faces by minorities could be discussed but I wasn’t sure how talking about what are often tense issues would play out in a classroom environment, but as the class progressed I was impressed by the openness and honesty everyone expressed when talking about these issues. I learned that understanding diversity and the oppression that came with being the minority and privilege that comes with being the majority is an extremely important of being a successful social worker. I come from a background of privilege and parts of that have followed me to college.
Before I took this class I was not aware of how much privilege
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This is a religious affiliated organization, and as someone who identified as atheist and a bisexual, I was hesitant to be placed with an openly religious group. During the interview process a question was asked about what our biases were and another applicant expressed that because of her religious beliefs she was very uncomfortable around anyone who identified as homosexual. As someone that is openly bisexual I was slightly uncomfortable with this assertion. I know that my sexual preferences are not a topic that will come up at work, and it was stated in the interview that being religious was not a requirement to intern, but I was still uncomfortable around people I knew at the very least did not share my beliefs and in some cases openly opposed an aspect of me as a person. Before I took this class I would have never wanted to intern with an organization that was run by a religious group. I avoided places where religious people gathered as I felt I would be judged by how I chose to live my life. However, this class taught me that regardless of the beliefs that each individual or even organization holds our beliefs as social workers unite us in the common cause of serving our clients in the best possible way. The information that I have been taught in this class has opened my eyes to the many ways my clients may face oppression in their day to day lives. The discussion