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Career and College Research Paper
I chose a children´s counselor for my career because it's something I needed in my life but too scared to face the fact that I need help. The career is about trying to help the kids out with stopping them for doing things from hurting themselves for example is like when they're splitting up or something worse. I chose this career because I always wanted someone to talk to but never got it and when ever someone needs help with their problems I’m always there for them no matter what they did to me.
The job can be at anywhere you want it to be it can be either in a city or out in the country. The work enrollment can be in an office or at home but I would rather work at an office
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The daily routine is to clock in ready to hear all these teenagers pain because you'll have to try really hard to help them in anyway possible or else you'll feel like you failed them. The other duties to help out the kids is to talk to their parents and to see if you can figure out why they're doing this without giving the information the teen gave you or try to contact someone else for a solution to helping them out. An example to this is? A girl that is 12 years old moving away from her father and is handicap she had no friends always had bullies and never stop thinking that her life could be different if she just move on to another world. But she got help. Form the time she woke up to the time she fell asleep she would talk about her problems to understand why she does the things she do and she’s very grateful for one person that knows and understand her pain and that person is her best friend Sadie, she isn't a counselor but she's someone important to her and someone who she