Essay on Film Analysis - Analyze This

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Analyze This

Analyze This is a hilarious, feel good movie about two men from different backgrounds living completely opposite lifestyles. Through a series of very funny, random and bizarre moments they form a memorable friendship together. The movie came to theatres in 1999, was directed by Harold Ramis and included a cast full of some of Hollywood’s brightest stars. It begins with two gangsters leaving a café, discussing their plans to attend a meeting involving the countries major crime bosses. One gangster goes back in the café to get a toothpick and at the same time the other gangster is killed from a drive-by shooting. The movie’s plot is based upon the surviving gangster seeking out a psychiatrist to help with his emotional
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Whatever you did the other day didn’t take! I’m still fucked up! You did NOTHING for me!” Dr. Sobel realizes that if he isn’t able to find a cure for Vitti that he may end up in the bottom of the sea with bricks tied to him. And is worried about how a relationship with a gangster will effect his new marriage. Also the cops have started a stakeout of Dr. Sobel’s house, after Vitti sent a luxurious fountain as a wedding present and had it placed on the front yard. Vitti’s also fears for his life, if he doesn’t find a cure for his panic attacks. After the drive-by shooting that took Vitti’s friend, the other crime families are starting to suspect that Vitti set it all up because he was able to survive the shooting. They are also aware of Vitti’s strange behavior, and Primo Sidone (Chazz Palmenteri) who is one of Vitti’s rivals, wants to exploit Vitti’s weaknesses. Primo could take over if he knew about Vitti’s panic attacks but is too simple minded to really understand. In the movie Primo says, “Get a dictionary. Find out what this “closure” thing is. If that’s what he’s going to hit us with, I want to be ready.” It takes a strong relationship between Dr. Sobel and Vitti to overcome their biggest conflict in the end. It’s the first time in a long while that every major crime boss is going to a secret meeting, and hopefully agree to end the conflict and wars between all the crime families. Vitti has just