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Physical Fitness for Soccer Even though my position is a goalkeeper I still need to carry out the same activities as an outfield player because a goalkeeper still has a role to play. He must have strong muscles for goal kicks and strong-arm muscles to enable him to throw the ball.

· Muscular Endurance - To keep the muscles contracting for the full length of the match without them becoming tired or weak.

· Muscular Strength - the force your muscles exert when they contract.
This is an important part of football as it is a contact sport and it is also very physical, players need to be able to guard the ball and hold other players off when they are challenging for the ball. Also muscular strength is useful a throwing the ball, good muscular strength in the abdominal muscles is required to throw the ball higher and further to reach a player that is a long distance away from the goal area.

· Speed - the ability to perform a movement in a short period of time.
This is essential in football, for example to be able to run out of the goal after the opponent has made a through ball or pass to a who is through on goal.

· Agility - the ability to change direction quickly and control movements of the whole body, This is needed to be able to change direction quickly while diving to avoid letting the ball pass the line and to spread your body out to block incoming shots or to collect a loose ball.

· Cardiovascular Endurance - the ability of the heart, lungs and circulation to deliver oxygen and remove waste during exercise. This is essential for the player to keep a constant pace all the way through the match or to perform at a constant level. This is hard to perform in a circuit, so it would be better to improve this by running long distances or cycling.

· Ball Skills - Goalkeepers tend not to use many ball skills but they are needed when coming out of your area or even inside your area. A skill is a particular action or set of actions. These are essential for football as they cover everything from a simple pass to more complicated skills of dribbling the ball in different directions.
These are all motor skills as they