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Fitting in Fitting in is a very important part of life because it has to do with turning out in life. Knowing the right people will affect your future life, high and job wise. Part of fitting is rejection, which happens when one individual is purposely excluded from social situations. Rejection may be emotionally painful because of the social nature of human beings and the need of social interaction between other humans is essential. Most people respond differently, some people might dress and act very different just to try to fit in this way. I have felt out of my comfort zone many times in my life. One of those moments was when I first moved to a new town. I felt out of place on my first day of school at my new High School, because I came late. I had just moved to a new town couple of days before, and I did not know anyone. While walking through the hallways, I felt like an outcast because many people looked at me differently since they did not know who I was or what I was like. Not only I felt like an outcast then, but everything was different from what I was used to. I was not used to having eight classes a day opposed to the seven every day different classes in my home country. In addition, I was not used to how the schools lunch system worked. At my old school, lunch was simple; we would either get in line during long breaks or simply go outside with your friends and buy some food or do whatever we want. This made me an outcast to the other students and a good laugh for the students who watched me. Whenever you are new, you will be an outcast because society likes to go on with