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Shanell Austin

Shot For Me Drake is one of my favorite artist’s for one main reason—his passion. Everyone who has been in a relationship that ended on a bad note can somewhat relate to the lyrics in this song. Drake’s passion as the speaker makes you feel as if he is singing to you on a personal level. Drake can really pull at your heart and provoke raw emotion. The reoccurring theme of mending heartbreak, the artist’s unique use of tone, and his passion all tie into the reason why this song really stands out to me. If there is one thing someone noticed about this song it’s the heartfelt tone that Drake sings in. You may not know whether or not he has actually been in a relationship where he was as romantically close to a woman as he described in the song, but since the tone is so down to earth and personal it can be inferred. The song’s chorus, in this case, a repetition of the title of the song: is sung at a more aggressive pitch because I believe he wishes to heighten the mood from the very personable verses in the song. In other words, he wanted to take a break from a mellower tone to a more assertive, yet still heartfelt. When it comes down to it, the tone of the speaker is the best way to identify the mood of the song. Drake’s verse is worded so that it is as if he’s right there singing to you. Now, tell me. What other artist can make you feel so close to them? I know, none. No other artist conveys the message of mending heartbreak better than Drake. The line he uses such as “Oh you mad ‘cause nobody ever did it like me.” and “Ok look I’m honest, girl I can’t lie, I miss you.” to make you feel like he is actually singing to you. In the end, I believe Drakes intentions are to provoke partners from past relationships to help you cope with presently living without them in your life. He helps you with your heartaches, using his reoccurring theme of mending heartbreak. Almost every song that Drake actually uses his soft singing voice in, it is used to help his reoccurring