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my name si shakeela. i born in quetta pakistan so quetta is my native place. the place where i open eys.iam student of 10th grade.i hv great intrest in since i wanna be docor. so iam trying very hard inscince subject. i love bilogy but i hate chemistry.iam good at physics. i love english reading and writtng. we are three sisters. aim the younger one. on of mi sis is married nd enjying her married life. she live in lahore with her inlaws.she is a house wife.MY father is a business man.mother is a also house wife. she is not much educated but she is very strong and like that her doughters do som thing very good in their life. and do som thing very good fro the walfera of poor people. so she wanted us educated nd strong. she is very kind heatred. she hepl the poor nd needy people. so shee also want hese good habits in us as wel. iam not soft spoken. i hate lise. i can fight fro my right. i acept mi mistake and dot shy to asy soory.i cant see people in trouble.i do work fro them.

iam not very good student in the class iam just normal. but my amibission are very high. whn i see myself and performnece and thn see mi ambitoins it doest match. i wanna do something verty good for the batterment of women.
You can begin with education achievement.

You may say awards and prizes that indicate your success For example, you become a winner of the physics competition You are able to win a full scholarship sponsored by Oxford University and become a second runner-up of the