Hard Work Personal Statement

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All throughout my life, I have thought of myself to be a person who is determined to accomplish everything to the best of his abilities. For instance, whenever I am unable to answer a problem, whether be it in school or out, I have always worked hard to find the solution. I believe hard working is the best way to describe me because of my commitment to achieving my goals and my perseverance to surpass my capabilities. Consequently, this has allowed me to excel in both my academics and extracurricular activities. My identity has been predominantly shaped by my experiences in academics and extracurricular activities. Ultimately, being a hard worker will be essential for my future.

As a student at Queen Elizabeth Secondary, I have been tasked with many assignments that have contributed to me identifying myself as a hard worker. Specifically, in my Pre-Calculus 11 class, I was tasked to work in a group of four and create a presentation to teach the class how to divide rational expressions. My group and I were required to present the project the following week. I encouraged my group to start working on the assignment early. However,
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My goal at the SFU’s Beedie School of Business is to achieve a degree in business and my hard work will be a key component to my success. To achieve my goal, I will work hard to complete every task and assignment to the best of my abilities. Furthermore, I believe my identity will appeal to other students and I will be able to build new relationships and socialize with many students at SFU. Also, my hard work and determination will be essential for me to enter a Co-op program at SFU. The experience I gain from the work experience program will be crucial to helping me find a job in the future with ease. Overall, my experiences at SFU will help strengthen my identity and ultimately help me achieve my