Hitler Essay

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Yuanqing Zhu
Understanding of Historical Change: West Europe
Professor Bristow

Hitler was not only a cynical, cunning and unscrupulous political opportunist, but also an ideological dogmatist. Hitler’s correct use of propaganda and organization helped his movement. His ideas also played a significant role in his movements. He believed in struggle, inequality of races and individuals and the importance of decisive and primary leadership. Importantly, he supported the Aryans were the best race in the world. All of these beliefs and tactics deeply affected his decisions and movements.
While Hitler was still a young man, he was upset about his condition. During Hitler’s adolescence and early adulthood, his anxiety of being nothing was reinforced by unrelieved person failure. In his whole life, he was seeking to overcome this fear and find his own identity. These experiences resulted in Hitler’s idea of nations and human beings. He claims the three fundamental principles control the existence of every nation and human beings, the concept of struggle, the purity blood, and the ingenuity of the individual.
Among these three principles, the concept of struggle is father of all things. Hitler believed that life is a struggle in which the strong survive and the weak perish. He denied the concept that struggle is contrary to nature and leads human beings to the destruction of lives. Rather than destroy themselves though the struggle, human beings preserve