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Human Resource Management
Shane Knight
December 22, 2014
Edward Becker
Human Resource Management
Human Resources is one of those departments in a company is usually not talked about unless something is needed to be done either for compensation or corrective action. In most cases, the Human Resource department does not get the credit that it deserves for the amount of work that the department does for the company.
Human Resource Management The best to explain what Human Resource Management is is to tell what the department does. This department is in charge of all the recruitment of the employees of the company, management over the employees, as well as providing the direction of the employees for the entire company ("Human resource management,”). This department is really the process builder for the entire organization whether it is benefits, training, motivation, or employee relations to name a few they handle it and in most cases without any praise of how good of a job that they are doing. What this process was created for was to maximize the not only the efficiency of the company but also the efficiency of the human resource department as a whole. The more efficient that the human resource department is the more that the rest of the company is going to be because they set the trend for the organization. There are four things that an organization needs in order to function and these are personnel, finances, machinery, and the materials for whatever the product that they are producing ("Human resource management,”). Even though that a company has all of the key components they cannot work alone without the guidance of the human resource department. The human resource department puts all of these tools together and forms the organization so that everything works together.

Primary Function
There is more than one primary function that a human resource management department has to do in order for the company to move in the right direction, recruitment, training and development, professional development, benefits and compensation, and ensuring legal compliance are the functions that are needed in order for the business to stay on the right path. Recruiting the right personnel really is an important part of what human resources do. If the human resource management is not recruiting the right personnel then the efficiency of the company is not going to be what they are looking for. Training and development is where the company is going to be able to mold the new employees into the right shape for the company. Now that being said the company could not just train them on move on there has to be some continuing training so that the employee does not just change the way that they were trained in the beginning to the way that they want to do the job. Professional development is another key function of human resource management. This helps to grow the future management in the company, which is a good thing because moving employees from within is much better that hiring from the outside. By promoting from within the moral of the company stays higher which is a good thing to have. Having benefits and compensation for the employees is not only good for the employees but also for the company. The reason for that is that the happier the employees are the more productive the employee is so it is a