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I Believe In finding A Way Out Of The Darkness

Every person in this world has tragedies take place in their lives, some tragedies are greater than others, but that does not mean they don’t impact them the same way, they are all devastating nevertheless. These tragedies can turn life into a lifeless, dark, and confiding cave, making it seem there’s no way out until you die. I believe in being able to find the way out, though the dark cave may seem deceptive, you may have lost all hope but one day, if you wait patiently, you will see the light; showing the way out, you’ll find your way. I was once in the very same place, trapped in the darkness, I’ve had more than one occurrence of being trapped in the despondent darkness. The first time I faced the intolerable darkness I was really young, but it still affected me, my biological father left my mom and I, we were torn apart. I was too young to remember most of it, however I do remember the emotional pain and the trauma it induced. We had to move in with my grandparents house, we shared a room and things gradually became ok again. We were laughing and smiling all of the time again, everything was peaceful, rough but happy. It is true that, that was a devastating moment in my life, but with life comes loss, you lose friends, family and even sometimes those you don’t know all that well. Sad to say but that was not the darkest moment of my life. The darkest moment of my life was awhile after my adoptive dad, Jack, left then about a year later my older step sister left as well, to live with him. I was used to having a sister, my mom and Jack were married for about 7-8 years and were dating when I was 3, so in total they were together for 10 years. Kayla, my older step sister was always a bit of a bully to me but when our parents got divorced she was one of my best friends. She was always there to talk to. We were so close, we used to be inseparable. When she left I lost a sister more than that I lost my best friend, the person I talked to about everything and trusted telling everything t. After she left she pulled a lot of trouble for my family and I. The first thing that happened was, her and I no longer talked. Then she called CYFD on my mother. The lies she told to them were unbelievable, it tore my mom apart, it tore me apart. We were under investigation for months, it was a rough period of time, they questioned me, my little brother and my little sister, then they talked to others, they checked my younger siblings for bruises, they checked if my mom was a drug addict. Then they called off the investigation for lack of evidence for the false accusations. Then after the investigation my sister called a truce and acted like my friend again. Then she began bullying me, calling me names and hitting my arms or pushing me around. I became depressed, and I won’t lie I even became suicidal, I thought nothing would be able to make this better, that there was no way out but death. My health