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1. No, I do not think there was a difference in how the women were treated in captivity. Mary Rowlandson was not treated with the same brutality and harm others had. She was not raped or brutalized by the Indians. The Indians told her she wouldn’t be hurt as long as she didn’t give anyone problems. She felt safe from the kindness of her master who told her he would sell her back to her husband. Also, she is paid with food and others by the Indians for her sewing. Mary Jemison was welcomed and happy to be adopted into a new family. She was considered and treated by them as a real sister, the same as though she had been a biological child. During her adoption, at first she was terrified to death at the appearance and actions of the company, expecting every moment to feel horrible and maybe suffer death. She was happily disappointed, when at the close of the ceremony the company retired, and her sisters made her feel relief and comfort.

2. The major events going on during Mary Rowlandson captivity were the occasion of the Indians moving at this time was the English army, being near and following them. They went as if they had gone for their lives, for some way, and then they made a stop, and chose some of their stoutest men, and sent them back to hold the English army in play while the rest escaped. The events going on in Mary Jemison were the events after the French War. The Indians all went up to Fort Pitt, to make peace with the British, and took Mary with them.