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My keen ambition to pursue a career as a financial advisor is thrust me to take MSc course in Finance. I have dreams of high success and I am willing to work hard. It is my belief that a stronger education will help me to truly succeed in the finance industry by diminishing my shortcomings and improving my talents.

I wish for to complete my prospective research in university with high record of academic excellence. It is crucial that the university I want to build my profession future on be part of the Economic and social research council (ESRC). It is my desire to carry my education to PHD, Leeds university could sustain the support I require to achieve my goals by being part of ESRC and accredited white rose Doctoral.

I was excited to learn about the excellent Master programme in Financial Accounting or financial Risk Management that university of Leeds offers. I believe that the course will give me a solid foundation of relevant theory and quantitative techniques develop my individual capacity, originality and key skills that are sought after by future employers. This course is highly relevant to my desire career. It has a great attraction for me because it draws and applies aspects of various disciplines such as Quantitative method, applied finance and international investment.

One year industrial work placement has been very proficient to permit me to choose my career path wiser. I am highly committed, resilient and tenacious with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. I have manage to take an industrial work placement out of the high number of applications were made. I also have 5 years experience in accounting field prior to my study, which inspires me to carry on my education and learn more about ethics and morality of being professional. I was very successful at my job but I felt I would soon reach a glass ceiling because I did not have a degree. I believe I have the capacity for what it take to be more recognise. I believe I can bring additional value to your university because I wish to utilise substantial knowledge, commitment and professional experience I have amassed for long-term aspirations.

From my past experiences both working and studying I leaned how to be more efficient when you work as part of the team. I put myself forward to be a team leader for the group project we had on Financial and Management Information system. I believed my past experiences have helped me to identify strengths and weaknesses of our group members to assign the particular tasks to each member. From that we achieved the highest possible outcome.

I was involved with high degree of customer liaison and sales, purchasing and procurement, influence / implement the systems, General accounts, Bank reconciliation, VAT returns credit control.