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Dear Mark, I hope the first two weeks of school has been as fun as my first two weeks of college (though it probably wasn’t). I know it must be exciting for you entering your senior year and preparing to apply for colleges. Although it is important for this last year to be the best one, I must emphasize how important it is to stay on top of your studies and finish the year strong. Being a year ahead of you from elementary to high school, hopefully you have followed my example in some areas and learned from my mistakes in others. There is always advice that I wish I could tell myself about the year before that I know now. With any luck, the advice that I share with you would prevent you from making the same mistakes that I made my senior year. First and foremost, you should continue to work hard and don’t contract senioritis as so many seniors do. In my year, I took advantage of my relaxed schedule and tended to slack off in my classes which showed on my grades. I know this probably wouldn’t be a problem for you because you have always seemed to be able to focus throughout the year. Another important message I would like to emphasize is to not make your schedule too hard. Although, I was somewhat lazy in my easier classes, it was the harder ones that made my year stressful. Since you have a big brain to match your big head, classes are probably not going to affect you much as it did me, but you should study for them all the same. Don’t be afraid to drop any