Essay about Murder is an option

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Murder is an option
Since the days of Hitler, mass killing has been given another perspective. The Holocaust, a movement led by Adolf Hitler, is the event in which six million Jews were slaughtered irrationally. Yet, the Holocaust did not end in union with Hitler’s reign but arose in the form of abortion. This extremely controversial issue is a form of irrational slaughtering. It is the termination of a woman’s pregnancy by manually extracting the unborn from the womb. Humans were considered God’s children even before birth because “Before [God] formed you in the womb [he] knew you.” (Jeremiah 1:5) The rapid increase in the demand for abortions has brought much concern to not only the Catholic Church but also society. Abortion is murder and should be made against the law because of the physical health risks it produces, mental health problems caused after the procedure and the immortality factor from a religious and a non-religious perspective.
Abortion should be made illegal mainly because of the physical health risks it generates in the woman. This procedure is proven to not only increase the risks of breast cancer1 but also support miscarriages following the procedure. If a woman's first pregnancy results in a first trimester abortion, the dramatic rise in cells that takes place during the first trimester would not be followed by the marked differentiation occurring during the second and third trimesters. The consequent sharp increase in the number of vulnerable