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When it comes to war it is a very harsh environment. You can either live or die in most cases, while expressing fatigue, depression or some kind of anxiety that will either make the best or the worst of a situation. My own opinion for the human race is to have peace and equality but in certain cases the line has to be drawn. I believe that allowing women in special combat is not a good idea and can be detrimental to our armed forces. There aren’t too many areas that women are not equal or better than men as far as performance but war shouldn’t be one of them.

In the earlier times of war dating back to biblical time’s women had a small role in supporting the factor of “war” and “servicing”. As a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom I have had the pleasure of serving with women from all races while in war. I was a Navy ‘Snipe” or engineer onboard several naval combat ships deployed in the Mediterranean during wartime. I have never seen this type of environment in my life even though I grew up as a inner city youth surrounded by violence and death. This was a new arena to me as far as fighting and death and it’s something that you can’t really prepare for but you are expected to perform well with the training that the military provides. While serving I have seen some of the biggest men and women the world has to offer from all walks of life, and from other nations military as well. I have seen women bodybuilders, ordnance handlers, officers, enlisted personnel, special operations tacticians and more. The common thing that I have seen with these women is their knack for attention to detail and being able to outperform their colleagues of the opposite sex in every area except for one, “combat”. When I say combat that means far more than just punch, kick and shoot or stab, I mean handle stress to the body and mind along with the physical routines that go along with being at war. If you put the average size adult male which is about 5’9” – 6’0” to the average adult female who is 5’3”-5’6” there will be many differences of that physical makeup that will hinder one from doing what the other can do better ( Parker-Pope,2008). Let’s take the height for instance, with the male the height is a good and bad thing. First look at what can be done with the height; the taller individual can reach certain areas that a person with smaller height can’t. The leg are going to be longer than of a shorter person therefor the strides taken by the taller individual is on average of one and half times more than of a shorter individual. With a person being that tall that person wouldn’t be able to hide as easy as a smaller person and the taller person would tend to be slower than the smaller individual. That is just how we are made as human beings and when you get more in depth as physical attributes then it gets more complex but that isn’t needed to get my point across.
Let’s look at some key things about the anatomy of a woman compared to a man. An average man is taller and heavier than an average woman, which in most cases in the military men are battling men. Now days it is true those other nations allow women to fight but on a familiar basis as far as the battle field with hand to hand combat this alone are a negative for women in the front lines. Especially those who choose to advance their career in the special combat areas in which it is more frequent that the…