National Honor Society Essay Examples

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I believe that my character truly shows why I exemplify what it means to be a member of Timberlane's National Honor Society. I represent each of the four different pillars in many different ways. This is seen by my rigorous schedule, in school and out. I am a hard working student but also take on many after school activities that show who I am as a person and what my character is like. The first pillar of National Honor Society is scholarship. To me this is about school and not just plain grades but how hard working a person is and how much they challenge themselves. I have taken a tough schedule to try to challenge myself. I am a year ahead of my class for math, as I took algebra in eighth grade, and I have taken three AP’s. I have planned out my schedule in eighth grade and I knew it was going to be a daunting task but I wanted to succeed. That schedule has been almost identical to the classes I’ve taken. This was accomplished due to my hard work and effort I’ve put to academic work. …show more content…
I have gained most of my leadership skill from boy scouts. In each troop there are many different leadership positions. I have done many but the one that has affected me the most was senior patrol leader. With this position you are the head boy of the troop. You have to plan and lead the meetings, help manage events, and make sure the troop and boys are working on merit badges and gaining ranks. From this and also doing my Eagle Scout project I have learned a lot about being a leader. Throughout these two events I’ve seen that you can’t just tell people what to do. As a leader it is your job to instruct almost as if you’re a teacher. Then you must go beyond this and watch over making sure people are doing what they are suppose to. It is said a leader just delegates and moves on but I believe a true leader goes further than that and I have worked hard to do that with my