Essay On National Honor Society

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National Honor Society Essay

Ever since my freshman year, I had always envied the students that could make it into the national honor society ever since my freshman year. Nonetheless, I continued to work hard to get my self from a B average to an A average. When I received my letter of consideration, I was elated because I had known all of my hard work has paid off. However, I did now know that being a member of the National Honor Society meant a lot more than having good grades. Continually, I lead others when I know I can bring them in the right direction. Upon joining the Earth Shepherd Club my freshman year, I felt the constant desire to show others how to treat our beloved Earth on and off school grounds. By showing up to the various
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Many of the clubs and organizations I take part of go beyond school grounds. Multiple times a year, the Tri-M music honor society goes out to a local nursing home and plays music for the elderly. It brings me joy to play for them because many of them do not get to see their own families and no longer receive many luxuries of the world such as live music. Other ways I contribute to my community include numerous road clean ups I perform thorough Earth Shepherd and the marching band. I have also cleaned up the Edwin B. Forsythe Wildlife Refuge on various occasions. This only concludes key events in which I have volunteered at. All in all, these qualities I possess help express my character. As I continue to grow, I learn how to walk in other’s shoes. Therefore, I can aid them in the best way I can while learning how to help myself. My pleasant attitude makes me approachable to many people, and my open-mindedness allow many of my peers and adults to trust me. Being well rounded is very important to me so I can reach out to anyone. To conclude, I am a great example of what it takes to be a member of the National Honor Society because I naturally worked hard and contributed to my community without any idea that I would ever be considered to join the National Honor