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Short Essay
1. Van Gogh Self-portrait with palett knife 1880s
(impasto, madness around him, and calm within him while he was painting – painting was a therapy)
Still life with Bible 1880s (Zola’s book, antithesis to bible La Joie de Vivre –the Joy of life) (candle is out, representing the dim of his fathers death)

2. Nevermore (1900s) Play off of Edgar alan Poe’s “The Raven” (1845) In which never more is continually repeated as a reminder of a lost lover. Gauguin’s poster in the background with the words nevermore and the raven sitting right next to it is a memento mori of death. Manau Tupapao (1880s) The specter is a memento mori, he is examining the spiritual ideas of death through a mixture of his current and previous cultures.

3. Schiele Girlfriends (1910’s) Kneeling Semi-nude (1910s)
Practice with young female models was not accepted by society, and his art was fueled with sexual tensions and undertones. Depictions of same sex models was radical Klimt Nude Veritas (1890s) Portraying women as real, taking them from a level of classical ideals of beauty and submission and giving them a symbol of power and natural state. The Kiss (1900) Sexual Tension, showed the fission between the violent and the passionate and tender.

4. James Ensor’s father was alcoholic, he had anxiety, and he identified with Christ because he believed that the belgum government was corrupt and he felt that no one was listening to him, and he was against the overruling power. Portrayed the church in ugly ways, and connected them with shit.
Munch was surrounded by death

5. Named after Kandinski’s painting Der Blaue Reiter, aimed to portray the feeling of being alive, and feeling the excitement and static of riding a horse fast. Marc loved blue. Published almanac to create symbols of their own time…. Icons spiritual symbols, and the meanings of color. Unic Germany german expressionist movement. Art doesn’t depict nature directly, but rather the spiritual experience of nature. Valued individuality and freedom. Abstraction, abandon natural color. Strengths – emphasis on color, and introduces abstract forms.
Der Blaue Reiter – Kandinski 1900s – inspiration of the experience
Fighting forms marc 1910s – abstraction and emphasis on color.

Essay Question 1
Alimentation Doctrinaire (1880s) The government, or people in power shitting on the rest of society.
James Ensor, Christ’s entry into Brussles 1888 (1880s) How religion is so far gone, that society would not recognize the holy and good.
Van Gogh – Still life with Bible (1880s) view on religion, - the night café 1880s how the traditional depiction of