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The Iraq War
There have been many wars in the twentieth century that caught the attention of society. The First World War, the Second World War, the Vietnam War and the Cold War are just a few of the many wars the world has experienced. While the Iraq war came after the First World War and the Second World War in strength and military equipment. The United States started a war against Iraq for reasons which have brought more negative than positive effects to the Iraqi society.
The war on Iraq began due to allegations the United States brought against Iraq, regarding weapons of mass destruction that could be used in terrorist attacks. Furthermore, the United States involved the United Nations making it a global issue. At the Time, Saddam Hussein, the president of Iraq reported to the United Nations all weapons that Iraq owned. The United States decided to change the diplomatic process and go to war. Another reason for the Iraq war was because the United States promised liberty to the Iraqis from Saddam Hussein's regime. Where Iraqis do not have a freedom, it was stolen by their own government. It was another reason Bush declared war against Iraq. After one year of war, Iraqi people were worse off than before the war. Such as death everyday because bombing, poor services in health, water, electricity and so on. The positive impact of the Iraq war ousted Saddam Hussein because Saddam had the biological weapons of mass destruction, nuclear to save the world. And the other positive effect to the war in Iraq was to give a chance for Iraqis to form a new government.
One effect of the Iraq war is that the soldiers are dying everyday due to confrontations between the Iraqi people and United States soldiers are dying everyday by accidents. Many accidents are causing by improvised explosive devices against civilians more than the military because of the increased the terrorist organizations in the Arab region as in Syria, Yemen, such as al-Qaeda and Daaesh. For example, my friend Marwa, is an only child. Her father died since the war with Iran in 1980. One day, she went to the nearest market by home. There was a bomb explosion which resulted in amputating her leg and her body was injured by shrapnel. Her mother was sick with high blood pressure and diabetes. The Iraqi government does not care about these people. There are no international humanitarian organizations working in Iraq for fear of the foreign killing. This attack is just one of the many occurring on Iraq. Also, there was a twenty three year old man who was shot by a sniper when directing traffic in Baghdad nearest to my home. The war maybe ended but the American army and Iraqis are still being killed by terrorist organizations. Other crimes we can see on television or read in the newspaper such as bombings of churches and hospitals. Also it increased the rapes incidence of young girls and women in prisons.
The Iraq war was the destruction of Iraqi culture. For example, bombs destroyed important buildings such as hotels, museums and libraries which had the treasures that testified to the origin of humanity. The American armies played a main role in the destruction of Iraqi cultural treasures by breaking in museums, libraries and Universities, and allowing the Iraqi…