Internal Market Research Proposal

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Part B – Market research proposal and questionnaire
1. Internal market research
1.1 Product and Services
BROWNS English Language School has various classes such as general English class, EAP class and Cambridge course. These services focus on the international students. This school has five unique points compare with other English Language school. These are English curriculum, teaching professional, teacher’s quality, student services and accommodation services. This school got the three awards in Australia. These are 2012 Australian Export Award, 2012 Queensland Export Award, STM Star Award. These Awards are concerned with Education and training. These facts are advantage evidences of the unique points of this school.
1.2 Sales, Performance, Profits
The BROWNS English Language School promotes to the overseas using the digital tool such as own website and social networks. Thus, they have carried out online marketing. In addition, they promotes to the official agency of individual countries as well. Most of countries has high educational agency, so it is good way to provide the information of this school to individual countries. In the advertising, the most important information of this school is the quality of education. And second is price promotion.
1.3 Organisational capabilities, Policies and Procedures
The BROWNS English Language School always look for the student need, and get the feedback from students for improved services and quality of teaching using the survey. Furthermore they search for potential markets such as Mongol and Russia. One of the policies of this school is the focus to improve English. So, students have to speak only English in this school.
1.4 Goals, Objectives, Mission statement, Business strategies and Plans
The founders and directors of Browns English Language School said that they are passionate about providing students with a “first class” English learning experience. The “first class” includes the English Language Curriculum, Teaching Professionals, Student Services, Accommodation and Facilities. Also their professional team of teachers and staff will help students reach their full academic and personal potential.
1.5 Current…