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Project Proposal


Niall Irwin

BSc in Business Information Systems


1. Objectives
The object of this project is to design a website. This website will act as a go to website for all NFL news. The content will include news for all 32 NFL teams, plyers stats, fixtures and results for each of the teams. The goal of this project to gather news from multiple sources and display this on a single website.
This website will provide NFL fans easy access to news reports from all the major news sites in one place.
2. Background
Having been following the NFL for a number of years now, I’ve found that there are very few websites that gather news from multiple sources in one location. There are similar websites i.e. Bleacher Report, this gathers news for multiple sports and from multiple sources. There isn’t any website solely dealing with news about the NFL.
3. Technical Approach
The language I intend to use is HTML 5. I have past experience using HTML5 and have found it to easy to understand. I will also be using CSS and javascript as I am very familiar with using them.
4. Special resources required
If applicable, e.g., books, hardware, etc.
5. Project Plan
Gantt chart using Microsoft Project with details on implementation steps and timelines
6. Technical Details
Implementation language and principal libraries
7. Evaluation
Describe how you will evaluate the system with real technical data using system tests, integration tests