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Term of Reference 3

Procedures 4

Analysis of case study 5

Effectiveness of current systems 6

Job analysis technique for Job Description 7

Job analysis technique for Person Specification 7

Appropriate Methods of Recruitment 8

Assessing suitable candidates 9

Conclusion 10

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Term of Reference

As an HR consultant I have asked by Owner and Managing director of Kessler Printers Ltd to help him appointing the suitable applicant for the post of Operations Director and Marketing/Sales Director to run the business successfully.

In order to hire a suitable candidate I have to create Job description[1] and Person specification[2] for both of jobs. Job analysis is the first stage for Job description. It involves asking questions and gathering information to identify key elements of the job by which mean collecting information about duties, responsibilities, skills and qualification required for a particular job. You need as much as information about the job to create Job description.

Skills analysis is a process of identify skills are required for a particular job which then helps an organisation to create person specification.

I also have been asked to create Application form[3] to get the right information from candidates.


The information I needed to complete this project was gathered from different source as follows:

• Internet

• Class Notes

• Class Discussion

Analysis of case study

Kessler Printers Ltd is a small company, who supplies stationary material, office equipment and IT services to a wide range of customers. The company employs 80 people, who work in 3 different departments:

• Printing Department

• Office Supplies Department

• Office Equipment Department

Printing Department is where MR Kessler started, with a simple printing press. Today, with many more machines operating, all the output is sold through the Office Supplies Department. Printing Department is the biggest department in the company. Mr Kessler is very proud of his loyal workforce, some of whom have been there with him from the start. Recently the company had an opportunity to tender for a large contract with national mailorder company however, they were unable to submit the tender, due to the commitment to supplying the Office Supplies Department.

Office supplies department has not had a very good year and profit margins have been reduced in order to compete for orders which can cause company a loss in future.

Office Equipment Department has had quite a good year and the profit contribution was very good. Although company receiving complaints from the customers about the after-sales service.

Mr Kessler has now decided to retire and intends to give the business to his favourite nephew, Jeremy, who has accepted the offer.

Effectiveness of current systems

After reading the case study the problems I have identified are that Office Supplies Department had to reduce the profit margin in order to compete for orders which make company loss in future. Also few customers have cancelled their supply contracts and supervisor is not sure which competitor they have gone to. As customers are not receiving the service they will not come back and company might have to shut down because if customers receive good service they will tell to two or three other people , but if they receive poor service then they will tell more.

In Office Equipment Department customers often are complaining about after-sales service. In order to keep the customers organisation have to provide best after-sales service by contacting the clients by phone and asking some general question about the