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Explain how job analysis provides information useful in recruitment and selection, compensation, and performance appraisal.

It is important to define a job analysis and its relation to a position’s description. This provides useful information for employment selection, training, compensation and performance appraisal. This can be collected from occupants, officers or executives through into interviews or questionnaires to determine its specifications. However, it should be stated that it is not a description of the person who performs the job only a tool to discover this person. Several aspects to job analysis are used to gather information for its determination of requirements. They can be the duties and tasks, environmental conditions, tools and equipment skillsets. Also, soft skills such as team building and interpersonal interaction coupled with relationship management will influence decisions for placement into the position once determined.
A training needs assessment can be evaluated based upon specific requirements of the job. This can include responsibilities to determine if the position requires a management structure, specified training and unique equipment. Specific skills should be clearly defined in the analysis as well multiple skillsets are required or will need training. Job Analysis should be thorough in understanding of training required for a position. This can determine if a candidate is worth additional compensation or has the aptitude to comprehend the skills and duties required for the position. Proper determination of this section can have direct influences across multiple areas
Training, education and work experience are used to build requirements for compensation. The jobs environment can play a significant role in the analysis by including hazardous conditions such as temperature extremes, toxic chemicals, hostile and aggressive people or explosives. These factors will influence compensation and should be stated clearly within job description as determined by the job analysis.
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