Sales Of Goods Act Essay

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Sales of Goods act:
The sales of goods act is the main law that regulates sales transition. It states that all goods, whether new or second hand, must be:
As described, e.g. leather shoes must be made of leather
Of satisfactory quality, given the Price, description and age of the item
Fit for purpose for which they intended
If these conditions are not met, then the buyer can reject the item and insist on a refund.
If John Lewis advertised a Samsung 40” smart TV, it must be as described, it can’t be a 30” TV when you intended to purchase a 40” TV. It would need to be of satisfactory quality given the price of over half a thousand pounds! (£549) the product should be reliable, safe to use and shouldn’t fall apart– Fit for purpose.

Sales of goods act:
If Superdry advertised a Windcheater Jacket that has been designed to keep you warm and protected from the wind which must be as described, it can’t be a lightweight jacket that doesn’t protect you from the cold, when you initially purchased a jacket that keeps you warm.
The jacket should be of satisfactory quality, it should be well made and should last a long time given the price of nearly £100!
The jacket needs to be fit for purpose meaning that it should protect you from the cold weather and keep you warm when windy.

Health and Safety:
The Health and safety at Work act is the main law relating to heath and safety. Additional regulations apply to areas such as noise and the use of work equipment. The aim is to ensure the safety of employees, customers, suppliers and anyone visting a business premises. To comply with is act businesses carry out risk assessments to identify hazards. If these rules aren’t met then the business may face prosecuted.
Examples of the risks could be the following: limiting access to hazardous areas, putting up safety signs and handing out protective clothing, eg high- vis jackets and heavy duty hats. All businesses must have an emergency evacuation place or procedure which all staff know about.
Jonh Lewis is a very big department store, they want their customers to have the best possible experience if there was to be an emergency. They have signs, alarms, close emergency exits and most importantly have fire extinguishers close by. The customers would never have the need to feel at risk as the company has set tools and procedures that are regularly checked. The staff members have to go on an induction before they can qualify to work in the stores, this is to train the staff through certain procedures so if their was a problem the staff would have the required skills to resolve the issue.
Superdry have a very similar process but their stores are much smaller therefore need excessive amounts of emergency exits. Although they do have