Essay on School and Education Training Requirement

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Brenda Crain
July 7, 2011
Engl024/Essay 6
Regarding my Education

My education is very important to me; I would like to be more effective. At this time
Iam in my second semester in college. I have done a little research in the Medical assistant field, there is no formal education training requirement. I feel me having
AA degree will enchance my application. But to do more in the medical office such as takingX-rays, giving injections does require taking the course, in the furture I will pursue my education in office manager in the heatlhcare.

I have not yet taking medical terminology, mathematics, or keyboarding and transcription. I already have the keyboarding experience. At this time I do have some qualifications in this field, dealing with the public. Also like the constantly interact with other people. This is a technology world we live in today but medical field is a good field to be in today.

For me to be successful in my education I need to work hardner in my studies and stay focus. Even in this second semester I having hard time but I am getting it together as long as I stay on the right track. As far as me being able to listen in class what has be taught and retain it in my mind, Iam sometimes not able to recollect. I need to concentrate more.Would like to do some volunteer work at the hospital or nursing home to have something under my belt and it will enhance my application.

Education is good for any one at any age it is never to late to