Essay about Science: Interpersonal Relationship and Best Friend

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From what I read from the required reading I could tell that Achilles and Patroclus had a special friendship. Both were quite close to each other like they were in a close best friend type of a friendship. Both were heroes and their friendships were meaningful. I guess you can say that there are disputes from the type of relationship they had. I think with relationships you could form and have different relationship with anyone from acquaintances to the your friends and family. It just depends the amount of contact and how well you know that person. As a relationship form you know more information about that person. Relationships such as girlfriend/boyfriends, siblings, co-worker, and cousins are how well on a personal level you know them. For example there a different level of friendship you have with friends, great friends, and best friends. You seem to have a more personal connection and how well you know them by your level of friends you are with them. You are more likely to tell your best friend something you wouldn’t tell to just a regular friend.

From the reading I think can have a few meanings to what it is trying to depict to the reader. Each allegorical figure in Allegory of the Cave each has a different meaning. The Allegory of Cave represents the role of education. With the cave depicting a prison and how the darkness inside the cave shows the prisoners were not educate and couldn’t experience things from the outside world. I think the sun depicts the light and knowledge you can receive from the outside world. With the new knowledge and light, the prisoner would be free and able to make smart choices. I think the fire would depict role of sunlight and warmth you would receive