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Facebook is one social media has a little bit of everything. You can link other sites to it and post verities of media here; you can post pictures on here. You can keep in touch with friends and family. You can market you can make a music page or a business page Post videos, play games, write blogs and instance messaging. Keep up with news from everywhere. It is an online social networking service that has over 300 million users.
Facebook use to be restricted to just people with .edu emails. Now anyone that is over 13 and have valid email address. When you sign up you must go to your email and verify by clicking on a link that will take you to your Facebook. Facebook member can join network base on school affiliation, employers, and geographic regions. It is free to join.

Twitter is a social network that gives minute-by-minute updates on interesting things.
.Twitter and twitting is all about broadcasting daily short bursts of information. About impotent people that you are interested in and following message from or about them on twitter.

YouTube millions of people use You Tube everyday it is a community website. That features all kinds of videos. It allows you to upload any kind of video with their own content. You can also see political dates, musical performances, instructional videos, and unfiltered war footage. YouTube even allows members to submit videos questions to the democratic and republican candidates.

The advantages of the social networking are social networking offers many benefits.
It is now easier the ever to keep in touch with friends or family that live in different places we use to have to pay a lot of money to talk to someone overseas but now it free on internet. You can even see whom you are talking to with the webcam now. There are many professional websites out there for advertising your business and it cost a lot less then newspaper sometimes it even free. There is a website called linked in it is a professional networking site that allows people to request introductions to business people who are known on their contacts. The potential of this enhanced connectivity is huge. Not long ago you would find yourself going through business cards after a networking event trying to remember the details about each person. Now you can look up their credentials business interest, and connect on their social media profile. Social networking is particularly vital for entrepreneurs; freelancer can find contacts via professional groups on linked in and twitter. I use Facebook a lot to keep in touch with my family I like how you can tag pictures.

Some of the disadvantages of media networking one of the biggest thing is people don’t know how to network right. Which causes business to lose