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Social Media’s Influence on Modern Society
Lauren Lorenzo
May 12, 2014

Social Media’s Influence on Modern Society Social media has become a part of everyday life, and has caused various changes to society. Social media websites can be used for many different things, and all have many different uses and functions. It has become a primary outlet for communication on many different levels, and has ultimately transformed the way people live their lives. Social media has changed society by exposing world news, allowing for easy advertisement, and changing the way people interact. With technological advances in the past decade social media has greatly impacted society, and how people approach everyday things. In the year 1971 social media networking started off with the first email ever sent. Later on around 1978 an online bulletin board to post news was distributed through web browser. This later on inspired what people called ‘Groups’ back then, in which people know today as google or yahoo. In todays society people see that social media has changed the exposure of world news and the way it is viewed. Last century one had to wait until the news came on at seven at night or at eleven at night to see what is happening on the news. Now, with social media people can constantly be alert of what is going on in the world just by following the news on twitter or on Facebook. All of the news channels tweet all day any news that is updated or going on and one can find out instantly. Not only are there tweets of the news but the social media sites also post videos of any important news going on. Now one basically can have the news all day long without needing to turn on the television once to see any breaking news reports. Also, social media has made it more convenient to find out what is going on without having to read it in a newspaper. (Arandilla, 2012) Social media has also made a big change in the advertisement world. Since so many people spend all day on social media sites such as, Facebook, twitter, Google, and Instagram; advertisement has become very popular on all of those sites. What better way to advertise on a site that people spend their days on. On all these sites one see’s a side bar with different kinds of ads every time people log on. Also, apart from the ads that people pay to have on those sights, people make their own accounts as their business or their product and get followers and use that to advertise. Clothing boutiques usually uses ads on Facebook and Instagram or small new business that are trying to promote what is being sold. Social media has done pretty much all of that for advertising from businesses to even events that people throw. People get on Facebook and make an event group and get people to join so that they know about the event. Another example of advertising in Social media is Pinterest. Pinterest is a fairly new site in which people can make accounts and search whatever one would like and a bunch of things pop up in which what was searched whether it be clothes or food or gifts and it gives one the option of “pinning” the product and a button in which lets the person search about the advertiser. (Melton, 2014)