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social media intends to reach to the masses and allow for a joint and inclusive means of interaction

It offers an array of tools to reach out to people in all social and economic structures. It allows for large organizations to reach out to the public as a whole. It permits small companies to touch regions never before contemplated. It advances charities, education, political campaigns and business alike. It allows for rapid dissemination of news. It creates a means for research on topics from medicine to employment opportunities.

Breaking news:
According to statistics, over 50% of people learn about breaking-news on social media (
Reporters and educators have now taken to sights such as twitter and facebook to disseminate news, knowing it will attract a larger audience on a social media site as opposed to traditional published media.
Social media sites are the top news source for 28.8% of Americans
Politicians have even taken to social media to inform the public of political news. (example president with twitter account)
The ability to educate the public in ways that appeal to every person has proved incredibly beneficial to the political community.

-Red Cross has begun to urge others to inform outsiders of their safety via social media outlets
-Social networking allows for law enforcement to catch and prosecute criminals as well. The NYPD has just recently setup a twitter tracking unit utilized to catch criminals who advertise their crimes online.

Public’s Opinions
Sites such as facebook have also allowed for the public to voice their personal opinions on subjects ranging from the presidential election to a new episode of a T.V. show.
During an election it is almost guaranteed to see names such as Obama trending on twitter or being discussed in someone facebook status.
While some might find these opinions obnoxious, they still are reading this information and are therefore learning about what is happening in the world. With the freedom to voice personal thoughts, teens have begun “developing their own Web sites, diaries, and blogs; launching their own online enterprises; and forging a new set of cultural practices” (Montgomery, 2). The reality is that when there is news on the internet, people will read it.

-Where people were once excluded, they now find a means to become involved.
-The entire premise of social media is the inclusion of as many members as possible.
-Statistics show that more than 25% of teens report that social networking makes them feel less shy; 28% report feeling more outgoing; and 20% report