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Cynthia pacayInstagram, Facebook, and YouTube are very common for a lot of teenagers. That’s why our eyes always glued to our iPhones. What would life be like if we didn’t have social media? Would we just show off our new white shiny iPhone and say how pretty it looks? Of course not, that’s why there is such a thing called media channels.
When it comes to teenagers and social media it actually helps us learn new things every day. Your probably saying “no it doesn’t it hurts you’re brain” well that is very wrong. How would I know? Like I said before it teaches our head new things and possibilities to create new and improved electronics. So you just can’t come out of nowhere and judge teenagers right away because you might look foolish. For an example Mr. Zuckerberg created face book, if we didn’t have internet would we be stalking people’s profiles at this very moment? Not all teenagers use the social media for all the same reasons. There are teenagers that are researching for great causes. Some might be on it to enjoy seeing what’s trending or hearing what the gossip is all about but not all teenagers do that because other teens actually do positive things not negative. They could be curing cancer or any type of disease. So you shouldn’t just assume and say things like “oh he is just wasting his time on a phone” or “he’s not going to get anywhere in life doing completely nothing”.
Social media is actually something that changed all of our lives. As a matter of a fact it doesn’t leave