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Without a doubt Social Media has become a way of communicating for many people around the world and have used it different languages through technology; we are able to connect with friends and families, quicker, anytime and anywhere. For example Face book allows you to do status updates, connect with friends and families, and meet new people, as well as share photo and videos.
The advantages of using social media in the workplace, is that employers can access information quicker and faster. They are able to send email, make phone calls and send Text messages. . Employers can pull resumes for potential employees from sites such as Linkedin, Indeed and CareerBuilder. They can also do background check through the internet, which allow them to determine if they have a good candidate. If employers want information about potential employees, they can do background checks through the internet, which allow them to determine if they have the right candidate.
The disadvantage of Social Media in the workplace is that it has the ability to hurt employees; within the company, they can send negative messages and harass each other anonymously through the internet, which can affect their work and cause low productivity and eventually hurt the company.
Face book and Twitter are two popular Social Media medium that allow you to connect with friends and family, or just follow your favorite celebrities and bring your attention to what’s happening around the world. (Facebook vs. Twitter)“Face book was created by Mark Zuckerberg, along with his college roommates, in February 2005. It was initially only intended for Harvard universities students, but eventually expanded to include students at other Boston colleges, Ivy League, and Stanford. The site gradually added support for other universities, before also becoming