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Social Media: For the
Better or Worse?
Anish Gupta

Did you know…
 25 percent of students

time on the internet is spent on social networking sites Nielson Media Research Study (June 2010)

Who uses it?
 Everyone in this room
 Adults
 Students
 Basically everyone around the world

 Share information and do business quicker
 Myspace and Friendster were the “grandaddy”
 Facebook launched in 2006

2007 – 92%

2008 – 99%

Youngstown State University Study

Academic Assistance and
 Twitter + Facebook = World of Information
 Fastest Way to Obtain Information
 “Students who do not participate in class are

engaging in book discussion blogs and writing for real audiences”

Brydolf 2007

Negative Aspects
 Procrastination
 No correlation between amount of time spend

using social media and students grades

Student researchers: Whitttemore School of Business and Economics

More Social and Less
 Allan et Al concluded students who reported more

positive friendship and no depression were more liable to possess a profile
Studies adolescent peer relationships

 Sheldon found students used Facebook to pass

time and feel less lonely.
 Also found students who were less social had

fewer friends but logged on to Facebook more
Researcher at Louisiana University

We may use them a little too much  Some people are overly indulged in

social media
 Care less about the people around them  Simply connecting with others that

deem important

Overcoming the negative influences  Careful what they post
 How to protect it
 Who is able to access it
 Restrain from overly using it

 Growing field which has gained massive

 Don’t have to use it but it is truly beneficial


Allen, J.P. "Adolescent Peer Relationships and Behavior Problems Predict Young