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The social media trend is currently at an all-time high. Social media is being used everywhere from television to job recruitment. Employers are now using social media as a tool to pre-screen potential candidates for openings within their company. Nearly 91% of employers use social media as a tool to screen potential employees. There are different phases where employers choose to screen prospective employees. Some companies screen candidates after receiving an application from them, and others screen them right before making them an offer. Rarely an employer will rely solely on what they get from social media because, there is no way to determine if everything they find is 100% accurate. Thus, they still rely on former methods such as background checks as well.
Not only are employers using social media to pre-screen prospective employees, but they are also using it to let the public know that they are hiring, and to inform them on how to apply. One way employers are using social media as a leverage is through a professional social media site called LinkedIn. This is a way for employers to post about new job openings, but also a way for potential employees to post resumes and build their professional network. Companies are also able to connect with candidates, and build a community. It allows companies with a LinkedIn account to get to know a little about prospective employees, and where they could possibly add value to their company. Around 48% of employers use LinkedIn