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1.5 Constructing Your Health Decisions

Why is the social media affecting us in a good way or bad way? Most likely I would say it’s affecting us on both ways do to it helping us get connected with friends or family and also do work a thousand of times more faster comparing it to the past. It is a good way to stay updated on the latest news or on what is going on at the very moment that you want to find out. But also is affecting us with those addicting games online or on your cell-phone, those little things let me tell you that are taking lots of our time away and we don’t even see it happen with our own eyes sometime and that’s something we have to do something about.

Technology is another way for us to get more advanced on what we want to achieve, it’s a way on us to develop new things and keep advancing on the modern world that we live in. Technology has helped us advanced in certain new ways, like for example in my school this year the 9Th graders got the chance to have tablets instead of old books or more papers, that is sign that we are getting to as new era in which whom know what other developments or inventions are going to exist in a few years. Each day we have new things that happen with technology, almost in every class that I have now a days my teacher have their own website for me to stay in contact with what is going on.
The social media and the new technology is affecting society in certain different ways, to the young teenagers is affecting them in an