Speech on Caffeine Essay

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Title: Caffeine Specific purpose: To inform my audience what exactly caffeine is, where it comes from, the benefits of caffeine and the negative effects of caffeine.


A. Attention material: Do you ever feel like you will never make it through the day without caffeine? Is your first thought in the morning to get yourself a cup of coffee before you can even get your day started? B. Tie to the audience: I am sure that most of you do consume at least one form of caffeine daily because according to the article “Caffeine” on MedicineNet.com 90% of adults and 76% of children consume caffeine on a daily basis. Do you know what exactly caffeine is? Do you know where caffeine is found? Do you know what the
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It is a nasty cycle. Caffeine can also affect the heart by causing arrhythmias, too much caffeine can put you into a deadly heart rhythm. It can also cause irregular heat beat. Caffeine can trigger anxiety and panic disorders, it can also make you nervous. According to Harvard Health Publications Caffeine can cause the brain to release Cortisol, which is a stress hormone that constricts blood vessels, causing high blood pressure, which can lead to a stroke. Even decaf coffee has trace amount of caffeine. According to the site Coffeeresearch.org decaffeinating coffee usually consists of soaking the beans in water to dissolve the caffeine, then re-soaking the beans in the decaffeinated water to reabsorb the flavor compounds that were lost in the initial extract. A study published by the Journal of Analytical Toxicology found that nine out of ten cups of decaf coffee from coffee shops contained 8mg to 13mg of caffeine. So don’t assume you are not consuming caffeine when choosing decaf. To avoid most the negative side effects the secret really is moderation. The FDA suggests to consume no more than 300mg of caffeine daily. One soda has approximately 50mg of caffeine while energy drinks range from 100mg to 250mg per drink. It is important to know what you are putting in your body and what the effects are. Now you have learned what caffeine is, where it is found, the benefits and the negative side effects that