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CBAD 630
Service Marketing Management

Coastal Carolina University

Spring I 2013

Professor: Dr. Carol Megehee
Office Phone: (843) 349-2709
Class Hours: Wednesday 6:00-8:45 pm Wall 308
Office: 230E Wall College of Business (MW 2-5)

Texts: Syllabus, Handouts, Links on Blackboard and/or Email Attachments

Course Description: Analysis of marketing problems of business firms and other types of organizations through readings and case studies. Attention focuses on the influence of the marketplace and the marketing environment on marketing decision making; the determination of the organization's products, prices, channels, and communication strategies; and the organization's system for planning and controlling its marketing effort. Special attention is focused on the marketing of services. Why study services marketing? The U.S., as well as much of the world economy, is dominated by services. In the U.S., approximately 80% of the GDP and labor force, and nine out of ten jobs in small business firms, are accounted for by services. Yet traditionally, business school courses have focused on the manufacturing sector of the economy. This course is especially designed for those students who may be interested in working in service industries and in addressing the distinct needs and challenges of managing services and delivering quality service to customers. The primary theme of the course is that service organizations (e.g., banks, transportation companies, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, professional services) require a distinctive approach to marketing strategy – both in its development and execution. The course will build and expand on ideas from other marketing courses to make them specifically applicable to service industry settings. Also, a second theme of the course focuses on the role of service in businesses with tangible products. Currently, many firms in the manufactured goods sector see service as the basis for attaining a sustained competitive advantage.

Student Learning Outcomes: The intent of this course is to introduce, discuss, and analyze several topics important to service businesses. Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to: 1. Appreciate key issues in service businesses, such as managing supply and demand, the overlap in marketing/operations/human resource systems, and relationship management. 2. Appreciate the role of employees (and often customers) in service delivery, customer satisfaction, and service recovery.
3. Build upon important workplace skills (e.g., cooperation, teamwork, and deadlines).

The Course Objectives and Guidelines for a Learner-Centered Environment will serve as the framework of this course.
Course Objectives: In this course, we will introduce, discuss, and analyze several topics important to service businesses. Participation in this course, should allow you to:
1. Develop an understanding of the unique challenges involved in marketing and managing services.
2. Identify differences between the marketing of services and the marketing of manufactured goods.
3. Identify and analyze the various components of the services marketing mix. This includes the 4 Ps of the traditional marketing mix (product, price, place, and promotion) plus the physical environment, processes, people, and productivity/quality involved in service transactions.
4. Understand and discuss key issues concerning managing and measuring service quality and customer satisfaction.
5. Appreciate the intertwined role of service personnel and customers with respect to service delivery, service failures, and service recovery issues.
6. Discover sources of competitive advantage in service businesses.
7. Understand how “service aspects” of every type of firm can become a competitive advantage.
8. Develop an appreciation for key issues in service organizations such as managing supply and demand, relationship